Metafox is a content management system that lets you easily add or update the content of your website.

Thanks to the numerous possibilities it provides, its control is simple and intuitive. The system was developed with focus on design flexibility, safety and speed.

Metafox Description

Key Advantages
  • Easy to use & publish
  • Adaptability to any custom design
  • Fast page generation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Excellent SEO characteristics
  • Multi-language support
  • Integration of other applications

Employed Technologies
  • Apache 2 webserver
  • scripting language PHP 4/5
  • database MySQL
  • JavaScript, XML, SOAP, and others

Web page presentation is one of the most often used Internet services. The Internet is becoming the wired business resource, mostly due to available possibilities, which are growing and developing dynamically. While in the past a simple presentation was enough for the company, nowadays customers and sales partners are expecting much more. They desire a web application containing current, complete and accurate information. Internet presentation is becoming a part of daily company life.

What is Metafox?

The Metafox application falls into the category of press, editorial or publication systems for content management, well-known also as the Content Management Systems (CMS). Metafox enables users to easily update their web page while serving their development and management objectives. With the Metafox system you will have your web content always under your control.

For whom is the Metafox intended?

Metafox is dedicated to everyone who has an interest in fast and effective Internet website content updates. Convenient usage includes corporate presentations, personal homepages and extensive community portals with hundreds or thousands users.

Facilities and features

Strict content separation from its graphical design enables users with minimal knowledge of HTML markup to perform content alteration. People without Internet technologies and programming experience can take care of the website content. Presentations built with Metafox are updated using a standard web browser.

In addition to the basic content management facilities, Metafox has some other unique features. For example, the possibility of multiple design layouts on one site, a sophisticated access permissions system in the administration interface, multi-language support with content-dependent language switching, the ability to integrate arbitrary Internet or Intranet applications directly into the Metafox system, and many others.